St. Moritz without skis on.

I may have been crazy when I accepted the offer to go skiing in Switzerland for the days but I manged to cram my ski gear into a carry-on and got on an airplane. The flight took 10 hours from Miami to Zurich.

The first day, it started snowing heavily even though it was late in the season. We missed a ski-day but we would get dividends the following day in the form of dynamite blasts as 5 am.

However, you can do plenty of things in the Evening valley without skis on your feet.

My friend Nadya had lived in St Moritz in certain periods for more than 10 years. She knows the valley inside out and has lots of friends there. I used to come frequently when I lived in Milan but I never got to know the place like Nadya who loves the active lifestyle the place is so well known for.

After lunch, we walked the five kilometers from hotel BellaVista where we lunched.

The following day when the snow came down in buckets, we went to the neighboring village of Sils. A quaint, little town once home to Friedrich Nietzsche, and a world away from the jet-set-y St Moritz.

Life is a journey so we’re all tourists. – Friedrich Nietzsche

We borrowed some sleds from hotel Edelweiss and walked past the Waldhaus hotel majestically perched on a bluff overlooking the village square. Thé sled ride ended up on the lake where we accidentally decapitated a snowman while taking selfies. Sorry…

Sils was also the point of departure when we one starry night went sleigh-riding into the Val Fex where we drowned ourselves in cheese fondue. The full moon lit the landscape and casted a magic glow. The whole thing felt enchanting.