Kransekake – A Norwegian Celebration in Cake.

A centuries old culinary tradition from the northern regions of Europe.

Kransekae take the form of a series of concentric rings of cake, layered on top of each other in order to form a steep-sloped cone shape—often 18 or more layers—stuck together with white icing.[1] Kransekage cake rings are made with almondssugar, and egg whites.[1] The ideal kransekage is hard to the touch, yet soft and chewy.

The original variant used at weddings is called overflødighetshorn (horn of plenty) and is shaped like a cornucopia and filled with chocolates, cookies, and other small treats. Sometimes a bottle of wine or akevittt is placed in the center, and the cake is decorated with ornaments such as party poppers and  Norwegian flags.

Do not use as hat…

Kransekake is a traditions with both Norwegians and Danes. It is customarily served on grand occasions related to Christian celebrations like Christmas, baptisms, confirmations as well as weddings. You can usually only buy this cake during the Christmas period

Royal icing is used for piping. When mixed correctly,
it won’t run and will hold as glue between the rings.

In one of my later posts, I will show you a video of how I make this cake. It has taken me many, many tries, but now I have perfected it. Something my family can testify to as leaving a cake out to cool is like asking for trouble. It is rare that all 18 rings are present by the time I get to mount it.

I usually only make this cake during Christmas, and it is something I love giving as gifts during this time. May, 17. Our Constitution day is also an occasion on which I will bake this cake.

This is my recipe. In the video, I made a mistake and said two egg whites. That was wrong. It’s four egg whites. Sorry.

  • 4 EGG WHITES (100 ML)

Blend almond flour and caster sugar. Sieve out the lumps. Lightly whisk the egg whites. Pretend you’re making pasta and make crater with the flour/sugar mix. Start working in the dry ingredients with a fork. When it gets too heavy, start working with your hands.

Let rest for at least 2 hours in the fridge.

Roll into middle-finger thickness (ca. 17mm) and place in the mold which has been sprayed with non-stick spray.

Bake until light golden (ovens vary so to give a time is inaccurate). Let cool IN THE MOLD. Do not attempt touching or poking it. It will dent or break.

When entirely cool, start piping the royal icing in slalom tracks. This will glue the rings together. Royal icing is egg white and caster sugar and a drop of white wine vinegar. Here is a link to a recipe if you feel you need it.

Decorate and be creative. Tinsel, flags, party poppers. Use your imagination and do something appropriate for the occasion. For a template to the cake-topper love birds that I made for Christmas, click here.