How did I get rid of the shoes on the floor?

Who hasn’t been annoyed by all the shoes that are strewn on the floor by your front door? The entrance is usually small and narrow and has no room to place a cabinet.

Despair no more. I have the solution for you. This will take care of your problem.

My hallway was narrow and a redundant space, so what I did was design and have built shallow shoe cabinets that also function as artwork.

I wanted to fit as many pairs as I could, so between my husband, two young children and myself, I made three cabinets. Since they were custom made, I based the width and depth on the largest shoe in the family. My husband’s. I based the height on the ceiling height, and since they’re floating off the floor, they give the impression of being less obtrusive. The shelves are adjustable to make the most out of the space. Flip-flops take a lot less room than stilettos.

My husband’s shoes are the largest, so I based the dimensions from those. The width and depth. The height was determined by the ceiling height.
Friends have walked by these for years, and none of them knew they had hidden treasures.

To cover the doors, I chose some photos I’ve taken in the past. I went to a local business who prints on any kind of material. They also print on wood, which could possibly work directly as a door, instead of having it printed, then glued to the door. If you’re artistic, you can even make a painting, directly on the plywood.

To save on cost, you may find a cabinet that already exists. I remember IKEA had a wall mounted vitrine cabinet meant for CD-cases (yes, a while ago) that you can use as a base and attach the artwork to the door.

The doors have push latches so the front stays clean.